Flying Rules

St Blaize Model Flyers Mossel Bay

Draft Revision: 15 January 2019
  1. Fix winged models to take off from the designated runways only. This includes models being hand launched.
  1. Helicopter and drone pilots to use the middle of runway marked by white X.
  1. No other models permitted to fly whilst a helicopter or drone is operating.
  1. Pilots intending to take-off must ensure the approach path to runway is clear, and announce their intention to take-off to all pilots flying, before moving onto the runway.
  1. Pilots intending to land must announce their intention to land to other pilots flying.
  1. Aircraft landing will automatically have priority over those taking-off.
  1. Emergency or “Dead Stick” landings must be announced in a loud voice and will have priority over all other aircraft operations.
  1. Pilots may stand on the runway for the purpose of taking off, but then must move to designated piloting area. (A minimum of three meters from runway edge.)
  1. A pilot must always be between his air born model and other people at the field.
  1. No flying is allowed over pits, club shelter, and car park/spectator areas, irrespective of wind direction.
  1. No flying permitted over the private residence on the Western side of the airfield. This includes the landing approach and take off.
  1. Pilots to avoid flying through the sun.
  1. No low “beat-ups” are permitted towards the car park, spectator and pit areas, and must be no nearer than the far side of the runway.
  1. If there is more than one model in the circuit at a time, only one the circuit direction, either left or right hand, depending on the wind direction must be maintained by all pilots. If a wind shift is experienced, then by prior agreement between pilots, the circuit changes into the prevailing wind.
  1. Pilots are to schedule their flying slots to ensure that there are no more than 4 models are airborne at any given time.
  1. Staring off engines is not permitted on the runway whilst other aircraft are in the air. Models must be returned to the pit area.
  2. Flying hours:-
Weekdays 08:00 to 18:00.
Saturdays 08:30 to 18:00.
Sundays 09:30 to 17:00.