St Blaize Model Flyers Mossel Bay

Draft Revision: 15 January 2019

1.  1.    The St Blaize Model Flyers frequency control system is the “Peg on the board radio on”. No transmitter may be switched on without the pilots matching frequency peg clipped on the board. Pilots with 2.4GHz transmitters are required to clip their frequency peg to the pegboard.

1.  2.    Only radios and frequencies approved by ICAS and SAMAA may be used for all types of flying models.

1.  3.    In the event of one or more pilots on the same radio frequency, the active pilot is only allowed a maximum of 20 minutes total peg time. I.e. From removal from pegboard to return to the pegboard.  This limit may be extended by mutual agreement between pilots concerned.

1.  4.    All pilots are required to complete a comprehensive pre-flight inspection of their aircraft prior to each flight to ensure the aircraft is fully airworthy and safe to fly.

1.  5.    The on duty Safety Officer has the responsibility to ground any model aircraft, helicopter or drone that in his opinion is not safe to fly.

1.  6.    No pilot may fly a model aircraft, helicopter or drone at St Blaize Model Flyers Club without a valid SAMAA membership and are of good standing with SAMAA and St Blaize Model Flyer Club.  (SAMAA membership includes third party insurance)

1.  7.    Club members are allowed to have guest pilots flying under their stewardship, providing their guest pilots have a valid SAMAA membership card and are of good standing.  Club member are responsible to ensure that their guest pilots understands, and adheres to all club rules.  Guest pilots are obliged to pay the daily landing fees applicable.

1.  8.    No children or non SAMAA persons are allowed in the pits and flying areas without direct supervision by a SAMAA member with the prior approval of the on duty club Safety Officer.

1.  9.    Club members, guests and spectators are discouraged from bring dogs and other pets to St Blaize Model Flyers Club.  In event of dogs or other pets arriving at club, these are to be suitably restrained with leash or others means and only allowed in the car park and spectator areas.  Strictly no access to club house, pits or flying areas.

1.  10.    Alcohol consumption by pilots involved with flying activities is strictly prohibited.  Pilots flying after consumption of alcohol, risk invalidating their third party insurance, and could be held criminally liable for injury to persons or damage to property caused by their actions.

1.  11.    All Committee Members are automatically appointed as Safety Officers.  In the event of a Committee Member not being present, then the first arriving St Blaize club member assumes the role of Safety Officer until a Committee Member arrives.

1.  12.    If Safety Officer approaches a member at the club on a breach of safety rules the member must heed the Safety Officers request. 

1.  13.    The first arriving St Blaize club member is required to turn on the coms radio set mounted in the club house near the braai area.  (The radio is pre-set to the Mossel Bay Airfield frequency of 124.2)  The last remaining pilot must turn off the coms radio before departing the airfield.

1.  14.    The first arriving St Blaize club member must open the “St Blaize Active” WhatsApp group and send a message – “St Blaize ACTIVE.”  At the close of flying activities, the last pilot must send a WhatsApp message – “St Blaize INACTIVE.”

1.  15.    Pilots are required to “listen out” best possible on the Mossel Bay Airfield coms radio for any transmission that may be in conflict with the safe operation of model aircraft from the St Blaize club field.

1.  16.    All pilots to strictly adhere to the flying boundary limits with special reference to the height restriction of 400Ft AGL.

1.  17.    All pilots are required to be vigilant at all times of the full size aircraft and parachutist movements from the Mossel Bay Flying filed.

1.  18.    Any dispute arising from the above rules shall be referred to the full committee of St Blaize Model Flyers, on whose decision shall be accepted as final.